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Most necessary functions for small and medium-sized businesses, user-friendly interface, can be personalized.

HANNA CRM – optimal solution for
sales and project management

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Management of the sales process from adding a potential contact to invoicing and payment monitoring.

HANNA CRM – to control the
growth of performance results

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Project coordination, project division into stages, task control, recording project income and cost.

HANNA CRM – manage and
speed up your business


Hanna CRM - Customer Relationship Management system functionality will ensure
smoother customer service, project and sales management.


Fast, accurate and segmented database of existing customers and contacts will ensure effective business relations maintenance.


Professional project management. Dividing the project into stages and tasks, assigning responsible persons, monitoring progress of the project. Gantt Chart.


Delegate tasks and manage their performance. Recording the time spent performing the task and charging client for it by issuing invoices.


Convenient preparation of commercial offers, preparation of estimates and invoicing. Settlement control and expenses register.


Schedule calls or upcoming appointments. Do not miss important events, manage your activity, get notifications about upcoming events.

Potential customers

Work with potential customers, dividing the sales process into stages, preparing and sending offers from the system and converting contacts to customers.


Hanna CRM has an integration with task management solution TASKER. This solution extends the functionality of CRM and ensures control of mobile workers.


Register of contracts with customers. Contract validity term control, history of contract changes. Formation of contracts in PDF format.


Registration of customer complaints, assignment of incidents to responsible persons or departments. Incident statistics. Writing responses and communication history in the system.


Possibility to set goals to achieve different results for a selected period of time. Tracking the results and receiving automated messages when you reach your goal.


Filter data by one or more selected criteria and contextual search. Global search across the system by any phrase will help you find the desired object.

Access Management

User rights management allows you to restrict the availability of information and allow only specific users or groups to edit it.


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Hanna CRM

Hanna CRM – an essential step towards modern and up-to-date business information managing

Customer relationship management makes information management, order management and communication easier and more efficient and creates more opportunities for you in business competition.

We are chosen by companies that decided to break free from complicated Excel tables, file sharing in cloud storage or the simplest sticky notes on computer screen.

The system is clear, easy to understand and does not cause any difficulty even with users who have little experience with systems. No additional software or hardware is required to work with the system - just a computer that is connected to the Internet or a mobile device with Internet browsing (WEB CRM).

Standard system modules include management of cold contacts, storage of customer and contact information. The project module ensures smooth and timely project management, task delegation and control, storage of required files and additional information. Projects can be divided into stages and you can assign tasks and set deadlines for each stage. Recording time spent on tasks allows you to accurately charge for the hours spent on the project, and you can always provide the customer with a detailed report of completed tasks and time spent. In addition, there is a possibility to issue an invoice based on the time spent and the hourly rate of the work being done. Calendar, event scheduling, and various reminders will not allow you to miss important appointments, calls, or the end of contract validity term. Sales module has functionalities of preparation of offers, preparation of expenditure, invoicing and received payments register. You can generate and send documents by e-mail directly from the system. The expenditure register, with assigned expenditure categories, will allow you to evaluate the costs of projects and activities.

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Hanna CRM clients



You can rent or purchase a Hanna CRM system.


1 user/month
  • Free hosting on Hanna server
  • Free 3GB Space
  • Always the latest version of the system
  • Minor functionality corrections are possible
  • Possible integration with external systems


10 users
  • Hosting on Hanna or client‘s server
  • 3 hours of training
  • Flexible service and maintenance options
  • The latest version of the system
  • Extensive possibilities for functionality development
  • Possible integration with external systems

In order to provide our customers with flexible terms of use of the system, we provide the opportunity to rent or purchase the system. Renting is ideal for businesses that consider the standard CRM system functionality to be enough and that want to incur minimal costs while stepping towards usage of the Enterprise Resource Planning system.

However, if the standard functionality is not enough and the company wants to focus more on processes optimization and automation, we offer to purchase the system and, with the help of our specialists, adapt it to your business processes.

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